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Spiral ENT Care is located in Ahmedabad, Gujarat

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Roger Health CEO & Founder

Dr. Kerul Prajapati

Our Doctor

Spiral ENT Care is located in Ahmedabad, Gujarat. Our objective, very simply, is to cater to all ENT needs from minor ailments to the most disabling ones like:

  • Permanent sensorineural hearing loss,
  • Head and neck cancer,
  • Facial fractures,
  • Intractable neuralgia,
  • Severe rhinosinusitis and obstructive sleep apnoea.

We offer facilities for all age groups from neonates to geriatric population

Why Choose Us?

Spiral ENT care is dedicated for provision of not only complete ENT examination and treatment but also appropriate counseling about all the risks and complications occurring due to ignorance of minor ENT ailments.

We are dedicated towards making the journey of an ENT patient from disease to wellness convenient and easier.

Expert Opinion

Opinions from experts in cases of head and neck cancer, Obstructive Sleep apnea, Neurological deficits, speech and voice disorders

Emergency Care

We cater to all emergency services from nasal bleeding to head and neck trauma including penetrating neck injuries

Latest Technology

Our center is well equipped with HD camera systems and all angled endoscopes

Appropriate Counselling

Unlike other ENT facilities, we provide on center Speech and Swallowing Therapy, psychological counseling and even head and neck physiotherapy.

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Facilities Provided

Comprehensive ENT Consultation

Get all answers to any of your ENT problems with online or offline consultation and free follow up sessions


Optimum time given to each and every patient for counselling related to disabling conditions like tinnitus, vertigo, voice disorders, allergic rhinitis and obstructive sleep apnoea

Speech Therapy

Complimentary Speech and Swallowing Therapy sessions which play an important role in remission of voice disorders

Rhinology and Laryngology Endoscopy Unit

High tech nasal endoscopy unit with high definition camera system for prompt diagnosis

Minimally Invasive Surgeries

Our foremost objective is minimal and precise surgical intervention which includes scarless procedures like endoscopic ear surgeries, Functional endoscopic sinus surgeries, Microlaryngoscopic surgeries for early laryngeal cancers and Remote access thyroid surgeries

We are available 24/7,

For your ENT related problems 

You are one click away from the solution to your EN problems


Expert opinion available for
recurrent ear infections, otosclerosis,
glomus tumors, vestibularschwannoma and even lateral skull base pathologies


Straightforward solution to
chronic rhinosinusitis and allergic rhinitis. Endoscopic removal of nasal masses and reduction of nasal fractures available


Phonological surgeries and
Laser resection of benign and early
malignant laryngeal lesions


Remote access thyroid surgery
and Salivary gland surgery are our distinctive features

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