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Dr. Kerul Prajapati is an amazing doctor who is not only hard-working, knowledgeable, sincere but is extremely supportive, caring, and respectful for her patients and their loved ones. She is very dependable, is devoted to her field, and is a great advocate for her patients. She not only treats disease but promotes health, always asks courteous questions, and works cooperatively with other members of the healthcare. “Caring can be in the form of active listening and patient isn’t just a list of medical problems and medications”, Dr. Prajapati stands by this belief and lends a patient ear to all her patients. She is personable and empathetic to the concerns of her patients. When presented with befuddling symptoms, she allows her inherent curiosity to lead to an accurate diagnosis, even if it means tapping into additional resources. She is one of the finest doctors who will lead her patients to the correct path of recovery.

Dr. Kerul Prajapati Founder